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Would you like to watch a film or documentary while you are being scanned?

October 15, 2013 0 Comments

Take your patients out of the ‘bore’ zone with a virtual reality system today!

Resonance Technology’s advanced MRI-compatible entertainment systems create a virtual MRI comfort zone, helping to sooth anxious patients and minimize the claustrophobia that often disrupts exams. While the MRI experience can be harsh, our systems dramatically enhance the patient scanning experience. Discover the benefits hundreds of satisfied medical professionals have enjoyed with Resonance Technology:

  • More accurate scans and elimination for rescans.
  • Decreased exam set-up time.
  • Increased patient throughput.
  • Reduced patient waiting time.
  • Increased patient retention.
  • Increased patient retention.
  • Competitive edge resulting in increased referrals.
  • Enhanced technologist job satisfaction and greater staff retention.

Virtual reality MRI


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